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Next Radical London meeting 10th November 2013

The next meeting after the Bookfair will be on Sunday 10th November, 4pm at Freedom Bookshop. London Action Resource Centre 61 Fieldgate Street London E1   Nearest tube: Whitechapel For more information contact: Immediately before the Radical London meeting, Action East End have organized a Radical East End Walk, starting at 1pm at Spitalfields [...]

About Staines Anarchists

Staines Anarchists is a class-struggle collective based in and around Staines, coming together to promote community organising and social solidarity. “Anarchists?! Aren’t you those people who love chaos and disorder?” The short answer is, no. Contrary to popular belief we believe in a highly organised society in which workplaces and communities are self-managed by the [...]

About Radical Islington

Featured on The Islington Inciter Blog Radical Islington Guidelines This blog belongs to a group called Radical Islington. RI exists to help further resistance to capitalism and help make links between fragmented groups and individuals in Islington and beyond.  It is a collective where people can come together to organise and share information. We try [...]

About Action East End

Featured on Action East Eng Blog We at Action East End want to see an alternative, one based on a genuine sense of community and solidarity. Action East End is a local group based in East London that wants to contribute to resistance, both defending ourselves in our communities and workplaces, and ultimately helping co-ordinate [...]

Staines Anarchists – New blog

[Article featured 18 March 2012 on Staines Anarchists Blog] Welcome to our blog! Since our creation a few months ago we’ve been working hard to lay out the groundwork for the things we want to get doing. In January we held a very successful and highly-attended letter writing session for class-struggle and anti-fascist prisoners. Since [...]

The Thurrock Heckler

The Thurrock Heckler is an experiment in bringing alternative, radical media to the people of Thurrock. It aims to give people an alternative viewpoint and hopefully, prompt them to start asking questions about the bankrupt, unsustainable economic system we have to endure. Genuine radical change is not going to happen in the council chamber or [...]

Radical Islington – some local radical history

Featured on Radical Islington’s blog The Islington Inciter We link here to some articles on radical history related to Islington. New material will be added as we find it. Unwaged fightback – A history of Islington Action Group of the Unwaged – 1980-86 The history of an unwaged workers’ group in 1980s London, its efforts [...]

Haringey: Independence Day May 30th

For everyone who cares about their community, environment and workplace and wants to change them for the better. Discussions, workshops, stalls, films, socialising and refreshments. Kids welcome and free crèche throughout the day. A grassroots gathering for local change Unhappy with the way things are? Want to see things changed for the better? Worried about [...]

Whitechapel: We Are The Mob!

Whitechapel Anarchists were among thousands of other radical revelers this May Day bank holiday weekend. We celebrated the traditional workers’ day of May the 1st in true Whitechapel style. Instead of going on the usual boring A to Z trudge from Clerkenwell Green to Trafalgar Square we decide to hold our own anarchist rally in [...]