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Hackney: HSN new series of meetings and monthly cinema

HSN have arranged a years worth of meetings at the MOTH starting on Monday June 1st at 7.30pm .. they will be every 6 weeks.

The first meeting will be to nail down the Hackney Newspaper project.. “Hackney Heckler” .. which was delayed due to illness and then the Visteon dispute! While we have most of the copy, layout and printer provisionally arranged if anyone wants to get more involved in this project, who is either on this mailing list or someone who you know, please try to get, or get them, involved and to this meeting. To have a independent Hackney newspaper representing and reflecting the Hackney campaign community is long overdue

We have also joined up with Reel News to arrange a monthly newsreel and film event also at the MOTH but in the Hall downstairs (with a bar) .. the first date for this will be Tuesday 9th June


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